Swim Lesson Programs

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Baby Swim Lessons (6 Months – 18 Months)

This foundational swim class is a parent & tot style lesson in which a trusted adult enters the pool to work with their child while the instructor leads the class.

The American Red Cross recommends beginning swimming lessons after your child has reached 6 months of age. At this time, children are endowed with the necessary motor skills and cognitive awareness to practice foundational swimming skills. Babies and parents should expect a fun learning environment — complete with songs & games — that sets the tone for future swimming success. In these swimming lessons for babies will practice fundamental skills like floating, blowing bubbles, finding the side, kicking, reaching, & entering and exiting the pool safely. Both the instructor and parents will model behaviors and assist children in practicing them independently.

Toddler Swim Lessons (18 Months – 36 Months)

These foundational swim classes for toddlers is also held as a parent & tot style lesson. Parents should expect to enter the pool and work directly with their child while the instructor leads the class.

This swimming class also utilizes the Red Cross method and follows a gentle progression in to safe and comfortable swimming. This course is designed to propel young students in to swim readiness with skill sets such as: kicking technique, arm paddling, breath control, submersion, gliding, floating, positioning, and pool safety. Parents and children should expect a fun learning environment — we sing, play games, and laugh a lot!

Beginner Swim Lessons (3-5 Years)

At this age, parents no longer need to enter the pool with their child. Swimming lessons for kids ages 3 and up are conducted solely by the instructor while parents observe from the deck. If your child is particularly shy or fearful, we can discuss options to have a parent in or near the pool during lesson time.

Beginning swimmers from 3-5 years of age are typically students who have never attended swim lessons previously, or who lost their water confidence since their last lessons. Beginners learn to exhale with control, submerge their face, locomote with arms and legs, safely enter and exit the pool, float, and tread water.

Intermediate Swim Lessons (5-8 Years)

Once students are comfortable putting their face in the water — between about 5 and 8 years of age — they’re ready to expand their repertoire of kicks, arm pulls, and survival skills. Intermediate students should expect to learn front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, and begin to learn breast stroke. This level is ideal for students who have high water confidence and are ready to refine their technique for a more solid foundation.

Advanced Swim Lessons (8+ Years)

Students swimming proficiently are ready for Advanced swim classes. These courses are designed to maximize efficiency through technique training & drills. Students can expect to learn/improve upon: front crawl aka freestyle, back crawl, breast stroke, side stroke, elementary back stroke, and basic dolphin undulation kick. Students will continue improving upon their breath control & timing, as well as positioning in order to reduce drag, thereby increasing efficiency. This course is excellent for young swimmers preparing for entry to community or school swim teams.

Adult Swimming Lessons (15+ Years)

Swimming classes for adults are tailored to the students’ specific needs & goals. Classes can focus on any of the following: stroke technique, swim test proficiency, overcoming fear, breath control & foundational skills. Groups can be formed at any time, but adult lessons are typically held as private classes.

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    Our friend gave us your card for toddler swimming lessons. We wanted to see what you charge and what the upcoming schedule looks likes.

    1. Hi, Krystle! So sorry for the delay getting back to you. I would love to help you out! I am currently open and offering classes on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
      Can you send a text or provide your phone number for me to text you further information? You can reach me at: 561-312-3624

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