Toddler Swimming Lessons

What are Toddler Swimming Lessons?

Toddler swim lessons are completely novel for so many kids who have never been in a pool setting before – while others are ready to jump right in! I tailor each class to the participants and make sure everyone gets to practice at their preferred pace. As a parent-instructor team, our goal will be to ready your child for future independent swimming. While some young students learn before they are 2-3, this is not the norm. Parents should expect their child to really “swim” between 3-4 years of age.

At the Acreage Learning Center, swimming Lessons for toddlers follow the Red Cross method. This method offers a gentle introduction to water safety through play. Our experienced instructor (speaking about myself here) leads the class in songs and games designed to teach children essential swimming skills like floating, gliding, bubble-blowing, balancing, and submerging.

What to Expect:

If you’re the parent bringing your child to toddler swim lessons, you should expect to enter the water with your child (or bring someone else that your child trusts and is willing to get wet). We’ll practicing getting in the water safely, taking a moment to acclimate, and then begin with a song to set the tone!

Throughout the lesson, I will explain our practices and demonstrate how to help/handle your child using my own pool-baby-doll. At times, I will take turns with your child (as long as they are receptive) and show my hand positioning, etc. If a child is not ready to practice something, I will coax but will never force. Students should feel safe and supported at all times in the pool environment.

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